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Suffered from Chemical Exposure on the Job?

Working with toxic chemicals on a daily basis can ultimately lead to health issues later on, depending on what chemical it is, how it entered the body, and how much exposure occurred. Many people including construction workers, farmers, miners, welders, those working in factories, and aerospace industry employees are all at risk for developing problems related to toxic exposure.

How can a worker be exposed?

These harmful chemicals can enter your body one of three ways while on the job:

  1. Through breathing them in
  2. By touching a surface with the chemical on it and putting your hands close to your mouth
  3. From letting the chemicals make contact with your skin, especially if you have an open wound

What should you do if you believe your injuries are due to workplace exposure?

If you believe the health issues you are suffering with are due to toxic chemical exposure while at work, you can pursue a workers’ compensation claim. All you must do to file a workers’ comp case is to demonstrate that you were exposed to these chemicals while working and that your injuries were a direct result of the exposure.

For these types of claims, you need to complete the following steps:

  1. File a report with your work supervisor
  2. Give them enough detail to know exactly how the chemical exposure occurred
  3. Provide names of any witnesses
  4. Seek out medical treatment if necessary
  5. Explain to your physician the cause of injuries and discuss your exposure with them

Have You Been Exposed To Dangerous Chemicals at Work?

Let the qualified workers’ comp lawyers at Berry, Smith & Bartell provide you or your loved ones with the representation you deserve. Having a compassionate and reliable legal advocate with you throughout this process can be extremely valuable. Not only will you be able to have greater peace of mind knowing that everything is being handled properly, you can rest easy knowing that our team fights for the maximum compensation possible.

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