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What Happens if You Return to Work on Temporary Disability and Suffer Another Injury?

calling for help for injured workerSometimes injured workers can return to work in a limited capacity. They can still collect temporary disability benefits while they are recovering and working differently than they did before.

However, if the employee pushes things too much, he or she could suffer another injury. Below, the Bakersfield workers’ compensation attorneys of Berry, Smith & Bartell discuss this type of situation and potential options for pursuing compensation.

If you have suffered a second workplace injury, it is important to discuss the situation with a qualified workers’ compensation lawyer. Request a free, no-obligation consultation with our licensed attorneys. There is no obligation to hire our firm.

Suffering a Second Injury After Returning to Work

Temporary partial disability benefits provide compensation for an employee who has healed enough from his or her injury and is able to return to work on light duty, meaning he or she is paid less than usual.

If another accident causes a new injury, you may be able to file a second workers’ compensation claim. If the second accident worsens your existing injury, it may be covered under your initial workers’ compensation claim.

This situation is highly complex and difficult to navigate, especially when dealing with recovery and the stress of being unable to work. That is why it is generally recommended to consult a licensed attorney who is experienced in pursuing workers’ compensation claims.

When evaluating workers’ compensation attorneys, you should review the firm’s experience and results. You should look for attorneys with extensive experience and a history of results. You should also ask about their fee structure.

The attorneys at Berry, Smith & Bartell have more than 60 years of combined experience in workers’ compensation cases. We take cases on contingency so there are no upfront fees for our services.

What if Your Condition Got Worse After Settling Your Claim?

It is not unusual for an injury to worsen after a workers’ compensation claim has been settled. In this situation, injured workers may wonder if they are able to seek compensation for the additional medical expenses and lost wages that result from their worsened condition.

The ability to pursue additional compensation often depends on the terms of the workers’ compensation settlement. If the terms of your settlement specify that you be compensated for future medical expenses, typically you just need to provide the employer and/or insurer a copy of the medical bills.

Full and Final Release of All Claims

Typically, when a workers’ compensation claim is settled, the worker signs a document that fully and finally releases all claims. This means in exchange for the settlement, you sign away your ability to reopen your claim or pursue reimbursement for future medical costs associated with that workplace injury.

If you signed a full and final release of all claims, you may only be able to seek compensation for medical expenses for a new injury.

Our Experienced Lawyers Are Here to Help

If you suffered a work-related injury or illness while on temporary disability, you may be eligible for additional benefits. The workers’ compensation lawyers of Berry, Smith & Bartell help injured workers access the compensation they need and handle complex workers’ comp claims.

Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with our workers’ compensation attorneys today. We charge no upfront fees and you only pay us if we are successful in recovering compensation for your claim.

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