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Police Often Called To Investigate Workplace Accidents

When California employees are injured in accidents on the job, police, fire and other rescue workers are often called to the scene. Depending on the circumstances, police may open an investigation. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration typically investigates workplace accidents, as well, especially when a worker suffers serious injury or death.

Some may consider working in a scrap yard a potentially dangerous job. On a recent Monday morning, a terrible accident occurred just before 10 a.m. that caused serious injury, and ultimately death to a worker. Apparently, the man was using a conveyor belt. At some point, his arm became trapped in the machine.

Fire department spokesmen said that the man's arm was dismembered in the tragic accident. Tremendous loss of blood and shock are thought to have been leading causes of his death. Police in Chicago, where the tragedy occurred, are currently conducting an investigation into the incident.

Workplace accidents in California and elsewhere are often due to lack of proper training or faulty equipment. Such details can often complicate the process of filing a workers' compensation claim. It is probably best to act alongside guidance from an experienced attorney in case an employer or insurance company tries to deny a claim. An attorney would know how to address such issues in order to obtain a fair and just outcome. Anyone who has been injured at work may seek consultation with a workers' comp attorney in Bakersfield before taking any formal action to claim benefits that can help pay medical bills or replace lost wages.

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