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19 Apr

Police Often Called To Investigate Workplace Accidents

When California employees are injured in accidents on the job, police, fire and other rescue workers are often called to the scene. Depending on the circumstances, police may open an investigation. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration typically…

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06 Apr

Dealing With The Tragedies Of Construction Workers' Accidents

The construction industry is often considered a dangerous line of work. In California and throughout the nation, construction workers' accidents continue to occur, often with tragic results, including serious injuries and, in some cases, even deaths.…

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29 Mar

Construction Workers' Accidents Often Involve Heavy Equipment

Construction sites in California and elsewhere often have posted signs warning others of potential danger. Various things may pose potential hazards on a construction site, including heavy pieces of equipment or strewn debris. Construction workers' accidents…

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17 Mar

California Workplace Accidents Sometimes Lead To Trials

When a worker has suffered injury on the job and believes an employer to have been negligent in some way, a legal claim may be filed in civil court. This type of legal action takes place outside of any workers' compensation claim that may be ongoing in…

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02 Mar

Construction Workers' Accidents Often Involve Structure Collapses

California construction workers are familiar with the many safety risks inherent to their line of work. Construction workers' accidents caused by structure collapses, equipment malfunction or other workplace mishaps often lead to serious injuries that…

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01 Mar

Peace Officers, Cancer And Workers' Compensation

Being a peace officer is difficult work. In addition to the risk of serious injury or death in the line of duty, there are several chronic conditions that can develop after being on the job for some time. Peace officers are more likely to suffer from…

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23 Feb

Workers' Compensation Re Assault In The Workplace

California workers and those in other states are protected by law with certain rights. In addition to being protected from workplace discrimination or wrongful termination, employees are also guaranteed benefits when they suffer injuries or illness on…

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17 Feb

Civil Lawsuits Re Construction Workers' Accidents In California

California employers are obligated to provide insurance coverage for their employees that can help pay medical bills and replace wages when workplace accidents result in injuries. When a worker is hurt on the job, the severity of an injury sometimes prevents…

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