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19 Aug

LAPD Officers: "Workers' Comp is Failing Us"

One might think that a high-risk job in law enforcement would come with effective and prompt workers' compensation benefits for injured officers. A new investigative report from NBC4 News, however, has shed light on the struggles many officers face when…

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26 Jul

The Price Of Workers' Comp "Reform"

As reported by BenefitsPRO, a new report from the California Department of Industrial Relations indicates that the state has saved $600 million more than expected due to reforms passed in 2012. That might be good news for employers who have been undoubtedly…

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15 Jul

Suit Claims CA Workers' Comp Biased Against Women

Is the California workers' compensation system discriminatory against women? That is the claim of a new lawsuit filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court earlier this month by several women claimants and a labor union. As CBS Los Angeles reports, the…

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27 Jun

The Major Hazard of Repetitive Motion Injuries

Years of performing the same repetitive tasks can leave significant damage to your body and place you at a high risk for long-term health effects. You may not even realize you are at risk for these injuries or that you may be suffering from one until…

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15 Jun

Fighting Back Against Employer Bias

California employers are required by law to carry workers’ compensation insurance for their employees so that if they are injured on the job, their medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses can be paid for. This is a major expenditure to employers,…

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27 May

How Do I Change Doctors in my Workers' Comp Case?

As with any injury, your top priority after sustaining a workplace injury is to receive proper medical attention and care. If you find yourself receiving treatment from a doctor who is unsatisfactory, it’s likely you’ll request to change your physician.…

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23 May

Understanding the Workers' Compensation Appeals Process

Because workers’ compensation insurance is a business, workers’ compensation insurance companies will look for any way possible to minimize their expenditures when it comes to paying workers’ compensation benefits. In many cases, this comes at the expense…

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23 Apr

Stressing Safety To Prevent Industrial Workers' Accidents

Many California employers conduct workshops and other events to reiterate the need to make safety a priority to their employees. Especially in businesses that work in construction or other manual labor that uses heavy machinery, "safety first" is a typical…

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