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30 Nov

Workers' Comp Reforms Save Money at Expense of Claimants

The Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau recently released a report on Senate Bill 863, stating that the bill has saved the state an annual figure of $1.3 billion. The report also states that the reforms have increased benefits for injured workers…

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17 Nov

Workers' Comp Doctors Put at Risk for Prosecution

The latest article in a series from NBC Bay Area points out some issues with attempts to combat the widespread fraud that costs the workers’ compensation system billions of dollars. Using the example of Dr. Gary Martinovsky, the article dives into the…

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26 Oct

Should Workers' Compensation Be Federally Regulated?

Earlier this month, the Labor Department released a report of its findings after closely examining workers' compensation systems from all over the country. Their recommendation? That Congressional lawmakers begin to look into the possibility of federal…

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03 Oct

Understanding the Utilization Review Process

Being injured at work is difficult. Depending on how severe your injuries are, you may be missing a lot of work and be facing a lengthy and painful recovery. However, many people find further pain and frustration in trying to receive the treatment they…

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26 Sep

Businesses using "Independent Contractors" to Avoid Workers' Comp Obligations

One of the central issues that has arisen for the workers’ compensation industry lately is what actually defines an “employee.” In recent years, businesses have begun to hire fewer traditional “employees” and gone with far more “independent contractors.” The…

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22 Sep

SB 1160 Seeks to Reform Workers' Comp System

The bill known as SB 1160 has made it through the California State Senate through a landslide 35-3 bipartisan vote and now awaits a decision from Governor Jerry Brown. If passed, this bill would implement major reforms to the state’s workers’ compensation…

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30 Aug

NBC Investigation Reveals CA Workers' Comp Challenges

NBC recently concluded a three-part investigation into California's workers' compensation program from the perspective of injured claimants. Disturbingly, it found what many of us have known for quite some time: that securing benefits is increasingly…

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24 Aug

Trying to Recover in a Broken System

In an article published this week by NBC Bay Area, the flaws as well as a few victims of the California workers’ compensation system were put on display. While some straight-forward claims move through the system with relative ease, the article focuses…

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