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05 Apr

Can Law Enforcement Officers File Lawsuits Over Work Injuries?

Police officers willingly accept the risks of their job – while citizens move away from danger, these brave men and women regularly go into dangerous situations to enforce the law or protect citizens from criminals. Since law enforcement officers accept…

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29 Mar

Proving Your Back Injury is Work-Related

Back injuries can be quite painful and debilitating, even if the injury is relatively minor. Even a minor injury to your back can affect you for quite a while and make it difficult to work in the same capacity you did before the injury occurred. Some…

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18 Mar

Strategies for Lowering the Risk of Worker Falls on Construction Sites

Each year, falls are some of the most common accidents to occur on construction sites. These accidents happen for a variety of reasons, from poor planning, slippery substances on walkways, carelessness, defective or broken equipment, and poor training…

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07 Mar

Preventing Workplace Accidents Involving Toxic Substances

Industrial accidents often involve exposure to toxic chemicals, like lead, mercury or benzene. These and other substances can cause a variety of severe injuries and medical conditions, from skin problems to cancers and possibly heart failure and death. Fortunately,…

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25 Feb

Does Carpal Tunnel Qualify for Workers' Compensation?

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the median nerve in your wrist becomes inflamed, leading to pain and numbness in your hand and fingers. The pain from this injury can be debilitating, making it very difficult to work, particularly if your job involves…

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15 Feb

Special Benefits for Police Officers Injured at Work

Government employees like police officers who get hurt on the job are entitled to certain benefits that are not available to other injured workers. For example, if you fit certain qualifications you can receive your full salary for up to one year. There…

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06 Feb

Am I Entitled to Benefits if I Was Exposed to Mercury, Lead or Asbestos?

There are many types of jobs that put people at risk for exposure to toxic chemicals, including jobs in factories, construction and manufacturing, auto repair, and the agriculture industry, to name just a few. Exposure can be gradual and not caused by…

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30 Jan

What You Need to Know About Returning to Work After an Injury

Many people who get hurt on the job are eventually able to return to work. However, things are often different than they were before the injury. They may have a permanent or temporary disability that limits what they can do or the number of hours they…

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