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Construction Workers' Accidents Can Cause Significant Injuries

Some construction jobs in California and elsewhere present a certain amount of risk and danger to workers. Sometimes, during the course of duty in the workplace, something goes wrong and construction workers' accidents occur. Depending upon the circumstances of an accident, a worker might suffer severe injury.

In a recent case, a member of a construction crew was working at a Bass Pro Shop. He and his co-workers were performing a pressure test on a water line. An assistant fire chief who responded to the scene stated that an accident occurred when the cap on the water line pipe that was being tested suddenly let loose. The line burst and struck the crew member.

The worker was reported to have suffered significant injuries in the workplace accident. The assistant fire chief noted that the incident caused no apparent structural damage to the building. Reports provided on the worker's condition have stated that the man is expected to survive his injuries.

In California and other states, workers who are injured in the course of their duties in the workplace are able to pursue a claim for compensation benefits to address lost wages and help pay medical bills. Sometimes, the circumstances leading to an accident create complex situations with regard to filing a compensation claim. Therefore, it is often prudent to seek the advice of a reputable Bakersfield construction accident lawyer before proceeding. This helps to ensure that one understands the process and any questions or concerns one has can be addressed by a professional who has experience in cases involving construction workers' accidents.

Source:, "Construction worker 'significantly injured' at Bass Pro Shops", Trevor J. Mitchell, June 22, 2015

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