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Workers Compensation

26 Feb

What to Do If Your Work Injury Claim Is Denied for a Lack of Medical Evidence

Sometimes workers’ compensation claims are denied because of problems with the medical evidence that was provided. For example, maybe the insurance company will argue your records do not establish that a pre-existing condition was aggravated by your job.…

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17 Feb

What Happens to Workers’ Compensation if an Employer Goes Bankrupt?

The short answer is that any remaining benefits should be covered by the insurance carrier. However, it depends on the situation and how the employer is covering workers’ compensation benefits. Below, Berry, Smith & Bartell explains how workers’ compensation…

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12 Feb

When Might a General Contractor be Liable for a Construction Accident Injury?

You cannot sue an employer over a workplace injury, but sometimes it is possible to file a lawsuit against a third party, such as a contractor. Below, learn more about when a general contractor could be held liable for a construction accident.  What…

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05 Feb

Delayed Symptoms of a Workplace Injury

Sometimes workers are not aware they suffered an injury. This often happens when they are developing an occupational disease. If you notice any of these symptoms, your first priority is seeking medical treatment. After that, you should strongly consider…

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21 Jan

Injuries to Law Enforcement Officers that May Be Covered by Workers’ Compensation

Law enforcement is an important but dangerous job. Police officers and other law enforcement personnel are regularly in harm’s way. California has passed legislation to help speed up the process of obtaining workers’ compensation benefits for certain…

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14 Jan

How Long Do Workers’ Compensation Benefits Last?

Workers’ compensation benefits can be very important for injured workers, but they are not paid out forever. They end after a certain point. Below, learn more about how long these benefits last and when they typically stop being paid out. If you were…

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07 Jan

Avoiding Cold Weather-Related Injuries at Work

As temperatures drop as we get deeper into winter, the risk of cold-weather-related injury goes up, particularly in high-risk jobs where workers spend a lot of time outside. Below, review some of the steps you can take to help reduce your risk of cold…

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27 Dec

Are Workers’ Compensation Benefits Available for Mesothelioma?

Symptoms of mesothelioma may not show up until decades after a worker was exposed to asbestos. Victims may want to pursue compensation and may have questions about whether workers’ compensation may be available. Below, learn more about this complex issue…

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20 Dec

How Do Doctors Determine When Healing of an Injury Has Ended?

Once healing of a work injury stops, doctors can determine if the worker has a permanent impairment and if he or she can return to work without limitations. Below, learn more about what it means when healing has stopped and how your physical condition…

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13 Dec

What Happens if You Return to Work on Temporary Disability and Suffer Another Injury?

Sometimes injured workers can return to work in a limited capacity. They can still collect temporary disability benefits while they are recovering and working differently than they did before. However, if the employee pushes things too much, he or she…

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