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16 Sep

Fatal Workplace Accidents: Mechanic Servicing Ambulance Killed

Throughout the nation, people face a certain amount of risk when they report to work each day. Some jobs, of course, bear a higher level of danger than others. Also, there are some workplace accidents that are caused by lack of adherence to safety standards…

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09 Sep

The Lasting Effects Of California Industrial Workers' Accidents

It has been five years since residents of a California town had their world turned upside down from a sudden and unexpected explosion. Some industrial workers' accidents can have long-lasting effects on a community. Recently, the question was raised whether…

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26 Aug

Exxon Mobil Named In Industrial Workers' Accidents

A California regulator was recently awarded a substantial sum, to be paid by a corporation in the aftermath of a refinery accident. More than $500,000 in penalties were ordered paid after an investigation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration…

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18 Aug

Some California Industrial Accidents Result In Deaths

Members of a family in California were left grieving the loss of their husband and father after a horrific tragedy occurred in the tuna factory where he worked. When industrial workers' accidents result in death, there are sometimes grounds for prosecution…

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14 Aug

What Is Valley Fever?

Have you been diagnosed with valley fever? You may be wondering what exactly it is, and how you contracted it. Here's the scoop: Valley fever (also known as coccidioidomycosis) is a fungal infection that originates in the soil. It affects the lungs and…

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22 Jul

Some California Employees Suffer Falls In Workplace Accidents

In California and throughout the United States, jobs and workplace environments are diverse, each with varying amount of risks or hazards present. Some types of work obviously pose more risk than others. In all types of employment environments, however,…

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16 Jul

Workplace Accidents In California And Beyond Can Affect Families

A recent tragedy occurred in a workplace at a factory far east of California. One life was lost in the terrible accident. The family of the devoted employee of 17 years remains grief stricken and is seeking answers to their questions in the aftermath…

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15 Jul

California Workers' Compensation With Regard To Cancer Patients

It has been estimated that approximately 48,000 cancer patients in California and throughout the United States become ill due to occupational exposure to carcinogens every year. When a person is injured or becomes ill in the workplace, he or she is typically…

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07 Jul

California Officials Investigate Industrial Workers' Accidents

An investigation remains ongoing in a recent California tragedy. Industrial workers' accidents sometimes occur when pieces of machinery malfunction or other negligence occurs in the workplace. In this case, a worker lost his life because of equipment…

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02 Jul

Statistics For Workplace Accidents Include California Workers

Throughout the workforces of the nation, some jobs pose more of a hazard and danger to employees than others. A recent study suggests that workplace accidents occur two times more often among those who work in recycling centers than in the average workplace…

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