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02 Mar

Construction Workers' Accidents Often Involve Structure Collapses

California construction workers are familiar with the many safety risks inherent to their line of work. Construction workers' accidents caused by structure collapses, equipment malfunction or other workplace mishaps often lead to serious injuries that…

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01 Mar

Peace Officers, Cancer And Workers' Compensation

Being a peace officer is difficult work. In addition to the risk of serious injury or death in the line of duty, there are several chronic conditions that can develop after being on the job for some time. Peace officers are more likely to suffer from…

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23 Feb

Workers' Compensation Re Assault In The Workplace

California workers and those in other states are protected by law with certain rights. In addition to being protected from workplace discrimination or wrongful termination, employees are also guaranteed benefits when they suffer injuries or illness on…

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17 Feb

Civil Lawsuits Re Construction Workers' Accidents In California

California employers are obligated to provide insurance coverage for their employees that can help pay medical bills and replace wages when workplace accidents result in injuries. When a worker is hurt on the job, the severity of an injury sometimes prevents…

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10 Feb

Factors To Consider In The Aftermath Of Workplace Accidents

Injuries occurring on the job continue to be a problem in many California working environments. Depending upon the circumstances of an individual situation, the process of claiming benefits after workplace accidents can be complicated. Those involved…

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24 Jan

Mulitple Workplace Accidents Have Occurred In Same Building

When a building undergoes construction, there is always a risk to workers and others in the area. In California and elsewhere, property owners and companies contracting work must consider the safety of employees on the premises. Workplace accidents remain…

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19 Jan

Construction Workers' Accidents Sometimes Involve Bystanders

On rare occasions, accidents that occur at construction sites sometimes involve bystanders. Construction workers' accidents continue to plague California and other states, many times due to management negligence. Typically, those who survive on-the-job…

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13 Jan

Recycling Plant Outside California Fined For Workplace Accidents

Employers are obligated to provide safe working environments and proper training for their employees. Workers in California and beyond often perform duties that involve a certain amount of risk; however, they may reasonably expect that their employers…

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04 Jan

5 Signs Your Workplace May Not Be Safe

Is your workplace safe? Employers have a responsibility to ensure that a workplace is free from hazards and unsafe conditions. But what constitutes a hazardous or unsafe workplace? Here are some signs to look for: Lack of safety equipment: Has your…

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23 Dec

Failure To Report Workplace Accidents Can Lead To Citations

Employers are obligated to provide safe working environments for employees. In addition to ensuring that work areas are clear of hazardous conditions, proper training and supervision must be provided for every worker, no matter what job is being done.…

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