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15 Dec

California Construction Workers' Accidents Result of Safety Issues

The construction industry is one of the most dangerous fields of employment in the nation. There are various risks inherent in many of the duties associated with such work. California construction workers' accidents are often safety-related. As in all…

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10 Dec

Industrial Workers' Accidents Sometimes Lead To OSHA Fines

Employers in California and throughout the United States are obligated by law to provide safe working environments for their employees. Such obligations include the necessity to provide proper training for any given position, as well as maintain all machines…

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01 Dec

California Workplace Accidents Can Be Quite Unexpected

California is home to hundreds of thousands of commuters. Various jobs include personal safety risks, depending on the duties and circumstances typically associated with the positions. In some situations, unexpected workplace accidents can cause serious…

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16 Nov

Seeking Legal Help After California Industrial Workers' Accidents

In an incident that took place in a state outside California, a longshoreman has filed a legal claim after suffering bodily injury on the job. Industrial workers' accidents such as this one sometimes result in third party legal claims being filed. The…

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11 Nov

Logging Continues To Have High Rate Of Workplace Accidents

Depending upon the duties involved in the normal course of a workday, some jobs pose a greater risk to the safety of employees than others. Workplace accidents continue to be an ongoing problem in California and beyond. In a recent logging incident, an…

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04 Nov

California Workplace Accidents In Agriculture

California is one of many agricultural areas in the nation. Like other states with vast open fields and rich farm land, it is a huge industry that provides many jobs and contributes significantly to the economy. However, it is also a potentially dangerous…

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29 Oct

Privacy Apparent Issue For Some Workers' Compensation Claimants

When a California worker is injured during the normal course of duty in his or her workplace, he or she is typically entitled to benefits to help pay medical bills and provide wage replacement. Reportedly, many employers, throughout the United States…

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21 Oct

What To Do If Your Workers' Compensation Claim Is Denied

It's a common scenario: A worker gets injured on the job and requires hospitalization and rehabilitation. Meanwhile, the worker is unable to work because of the injury. Then the worker applies for workers' compensation benefits to cover the many expenses…

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13 Oct

Finding Legal Help After Industrial Workers' Accidents

In California and elsewhere throughout the United States, there are some types of jobs that are generally considered more dangerous than others. From workers who operate heavy machinery to those who place their own lives at risk to protect others, various…

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07 Oct

Construction Workers' Accidents Leave Families In Mourning

A tragedy occurred recently when two men were killed on the job at a construction site outside of California. Construction workers' accidents sometimes happen due to negligence or hazardous working conditions. In this case, a grieving family member said…

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