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California Officials Investigate Industrial Workers' Accidents

An investigation remains ongoing in a recent California tragedy. Industrial workers' accidents sometimes occur when pieces of machinery malfunction or other negligence occurs in the workplace. In this case, a worker lost his life because of equipment that is suspected to have been defective.

Authorities did not release the identity of the recent industrial worker who was killed in an on-the-job accident because his family had not yet been notified of his death. The tragedy took place in a tunnel where work was being done using a micro-tunneling machine. The worker was reportedly manning a winch when it suddenly malfunctioned and was propelled, with the man still on it, toward the entrance of the tunnel.

The man was part of a crew that was working on the $38 million project to realign a pipeline in order to prevent damage to the tunnel infrastructure that is sometimes caused by weather. The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health has begun an investigation into the workplace accident. It was reported that the district attorney and county coroner were also taking part in the ongoing investigation.

When employees are injured in California due to industrial workers' accidents, they are usually able to claim compensation benefits to replace lost wages and pay for medical bills. In cases where a worker is killed in a workplace accident, the immediate family members who survive their loved one are typically entitled to those benefits. Depending upon the circumstances of an accident, family members might also have grounds to file a legal claim in a civil court and with the guidance of a repuable workers comp lawyer in Bakersfield, they may be eligibel to seek further compensation for damages sustained.

Source:, "Worker killed at tunneling site", June 24, 2015

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