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California Industrial Workers' Accidents Can Result In Citations

In Nov. 2014, a tragic accident occurred in California while a worker was attempting to clean a piece of machinery at the company where he was employed. Industrial workers' accidents sometimes result in catastrophic injuries, and some lead to citations being issued for violations of safety regulations. Such was the case for two companies who were cited by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration after the worker was injured in the 2014 accident.

The 35-year-old man was reportedly dragged into an unguarded piece of equipment that he was cleaning. According to OSHA reports, the worker's injuries resulted in the complete amputation of his leg all the way to his hip after he was pulled into the machine. A director of the Department of Industrial Relations stated that no worker should have his or her life threatened by preventable hazards in the workplace.

OSHA investigators determined that two companies, Terry Equipment, Inc. and C. C. Meyers, Inc., failed to follow appropriate safety regulations and were therefore deemed to be at-fault in the horrific accident. In addition to the fact that the employee was reportedly allowed to perform his duties without proper safety training, C.C. Meyers, Inc. was issued eight other citations, which included failure to place a safety guard on the machine and failure to follow various other safety procedures. The other company, the owner of the machine, was also cited for not attaching a safety guard to the equipment.

An OSHA chief said that California workers have the right to go home safe and healthy each day, and both employers and owners of dangerous equipment have a responsibility to protect workers through adherence to safety procedures, proper training and correction of equipment defects. Those injured in industrial workers' accidents can take comfort in knowing that the insurance provided by their employers enables them to file workers' compensation claims to collect benefits after suffering on-the-job injuries. Employees have the right to request compensation benefits to help pay medical bills and replace a portion of lost wages, as well as to pursue legal actions against those deemed liable in workplace accidents.

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