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As A California Employee, Am I Covered By Workers' Compensation?

A law firm that seeks to provide readers with timely and relevant information about the scope and parameters of the workers' compensation program in California can sometimes assume too much, perhaps.

Put another way: Blog posts that present workers' comp-related information can easily and inadvertently stray into overly complex if not flatly esoteric subject matter. In a California government website, the state's Department of Industrial Relations devotes multiple pages and well more than 10,000 words to simply answering basic questions about the California workers' compensation system and applicable processes. That department openly acknowledges the complexity and confusion that can attach to compensation-related matters.

We think it might be beneficial for many of our readers if we simply note a few key details about the state program in today's post.

We start with a most fundamental question some readers might have, namely this: Is workers' comp available to all workers in the state?

The aforementioned website states that every California employer must either purchase workers' comp insurance or become self-insured in order to protect employees in the event of on-the-job accidents and injuries.

As to whether workers must help pay for the program, the answer is a direct and succinct "no." The above-cited website notes that workers' comp is simply "part of the cost of doing business" for a California employer.

Although a worker with a compensation claim is not required to secure the help of an attorney, the Department of Industrial Relations states that employees "may benefit from having one" in complex cases.

And there are, of course, many complex cases, with issues ranging from accident/injury causes and applicable deadlines to appropriate medical care and claim-related payments. A proven Fresno workers' compensation attorney can provide proven assistance to a claimant concerning every aspect of a compensation-related matter.

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